When to change old marketing habits

I have often found that when marketing starts to go wrong it’s rarely down to just one problem. More often than not it signals that it’s time to change old marketing habits.

For example I’ve recently been working with one of the UK’s most successful online Recruitment Agencies, initially helping them improve their website conversion – from visit to brief.  I persuaded them to let me do a brief review of their end-to-end sales process and was able to identify that besides website conversion, three other key areas need development:

  1. That they needed to become more assertive, particularly by saying exactly how they deliver better quality, faster and more cost effectively than their competitors (things they do, but don’t talk about nearly enough).
  2. To develop a structured customer contact strategy to increase repeat purchase.
  3. And that they needed to build a more stable long term business by targeting specific segments.

We are now implementing the programme which online has included mapping the sales funnel, establishing a list of A:B split tests to improve every stage of the funnel and working with their web team to produce the creative, structure the tests and analyse results.A typical sales funnel

Of course the recruitment industry has been hit harder than most by the recession, but that doesn’t just mean there are fewer jobs coming on to the market. Agencies are also working harder, reducing the number of companies on the look-out for a new supplier. What’s more those that are in the market are more discerning, they want to know exactly how a company will better meet their needs.

The recruitment industry is not alone in that, overwhelmingly, they don’t satisfactorily answer the two questions in most prospects’ minds;

  • ‘What’s in it for me?’ and
  • ‘Compared to what?’

Their web sites are evidence that few recruitment companies go beyond talking about what they do and how large they are.

Of course this creates an opportunity for any company that understands exactly what customers want and is prepared to work hard to substantiate how what they deliver it better than their competitors.

If these issues are of interest to you or you have any comments do contact me or you can read more about Customer Journey Mapping here.