Contact strategy – Nationwide Building Society

Direct Marketing contact strategy

“Martin was engaged by Nationwide to help manage our direct marketing team following a restructure and to develop a Direct Marketing contact strategy and optimisation approach to cover all our direct media and products.

He did an excellent job for the Society using his wide experience and knowledge in leading the team and in developing robust and customer focused plans. His personable style, backed by strong theoretical and practical expertise, allows me to confidently recommend him to any prospective Client.”

David Nottingham
Head of Direct Marketing, Nationwide Building Society

Follow a recent significant restructure, Martin was retained by Nationwide Building Society to develop a Direct Marketing Contact Strategy spanning all of its products, customer segments and direct media.  During this turbulent time Martin also helped provide leadership for the direct marketing and analysis teams.

The first requirement was to understand the current strategy, objectives and the team’s strengths and weaknesses. This helped highlight 7 strategic themes; a road-map for the wider development of the direct marketing department that would enable it to play its part in meeting the corporate five-year plan.

The direct marketing contact strategy encompassed customer retention, upsell and cross sell and a development plan to improve direct marketing performance. This encompassed existing event-driven and tactical activities plus provided a growing role for direct brand messages and for multi-channel communication programmes driving long term changes in customer value. This work has created a clear road map for the development of the direct marketing function and campaigns.