Segmented customer contact strategy – CSMA

CSMA is a leading membership organisation providing events, member interest groups, holidays and discounts to 380,000 members from the Civil Service and Public Sectors. With many hundreds of offers and potential communications, ambitious targets to improve retention and cross sales, plus the additional capabilities a new CRM system promised CSMA felt a root and branch review was required. They approached MWA to help them develop a segmented customer contact strategy.

CSMA example contact strategy

The contact strategy for each segment balances short and long term needs with marketing allowable – It answers how to profitably lead members up the loyalty ladder.

 MWA conducted an intensive but rapid analysis of the business model, the current communications strategy and the profile of CSMA members. Based on this input plus interviews with key members of the management team MWA developed a series of segmented customer contact strategies and a 12 month test programme.

The strategy set out and prioritised the key objectives that needed to be achieved to deliver the desired business outcomes. Feeding into these high level objectives was a product hierarchy and finally the space for short-term tactical offers to be promoted.

Recommendations included:

  • What the key communications themes should be
  • How multiple media could be better integrated to increase response and engagement
  • Data capture
  • Contact frequency and marketing allowable for each customer segment

Iman Rouane, Marketing Operations Manager of CSMA said:

‘MWA helped us form a clear picture of the tests we needed to perform to develop a comprehensive customer contact strategy. They challenged our thinking in some important ways and provided a clear end goal. We are now engaged in moving toward that goal and the thinking that Martin and his team provided has been invaluable.

The work was done quickly and cost effectively and the outputs were exactly what we needed. It has been a pleasure to work with MWA.

I can happily recommend Martin and his team to any company keen to develop a contact strategy that will enable it to deliver its short term tactical, and longer term strategic marketing objectives.‘

Martin Wright, Managing Director of MWA said:

‘With a proliferation of channels and the ever quickening pace of change most companies find their marketing activity has developed organically. Many companies suspect that they no longer saying the right things to the right people at the right time. However it can be very difficult to plan how to change what they have in order that they can better meet both their short and longer terms targets.

We have worked with many companies tackling exactly these challenges and were delighted with the work we were able to produce for CSMA. Our work has helped them develop a clear plan of what they need to do next and where they are going with their contact strategy.’

If any of these challenges are familiar to you please contact Martin Wright who will be happy to share our experiences and discuss what you could do to create an integrated customer contact strategy.