Customer Journey Mapping – Halifax

Customer journey mapping.

Martin led a major customer journey mapping and direct marketing strategy project to analyse customer behaviour through all channels (online, branch, web, and call centres). The resulting customer journey maps gave the cross-functional management team, its first holistic view of how customers were falling out of various salesĀ and renewal funnels.

A customer journey map

A typical customer journey map

These maps enabled the opportunity cost of drop-out hotspots to be quantified. Working in teams the cross-functional group was able to design remedial programmes that included changes to website conversion paths, contact strategy, upsell and cross sell programmes, cross functional alignment and the use of technology. Based on the data provided by the maps business cases were built for each key work stream and activity prioritised.

In total 38 quick wins and 15 longer term opportunities were developed. 11 critical changes (providing 15% revenue uplift) were approved.

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