Customer retention, upsell and cross sell – Unipart

Customer retention, upsell and cross sell

(Or, getting customers to buy more for longer)

“Martin has made a profound impact … (he) has made a real difference to the bottom line. He understands what works, and what does not.’

Howard Woodward
Channel Marketing Manager, Unipart

Unipart has a soft franchise of 1,200 car service repair centres, to increase sales of parts Unipart decided to develop a customer cross sell, up-sell and retention programme produced centrally but paid for by the garages.

Direct Marketing consultant, Martin Wright Associates was appointed to develop all aspects of the scheme and to manage the pilot.

Direct mailfor customer retention, upsell and cross sell
Striking customer retention, up sell and cross sell direct mail generated up to 12 : 1 ROI

Firm leadership, combined with the ability to provide a solid evidence base for decisions was required to successfully shepherd the project through numerous stage-gates and hit agreed timelines and budgets.

From a marketing perspective the challenge was the need to combine an understanding of three things:

  1. The needs and motivations of the customer base
  2. Which upsell and cross sell direct marketing messages this target audience would respond to, and which they would not
  3. To anticipate what event triggers provided the best opportunities to generate incremental value.
  4. To understand how customer retention could be profitably improved

Key responsibilities included:

  • Advising Unipart on the shape and size of the programme
  • Creating a brand proposition and creative platform
  • Recruiting 90 garages to the pilot
  • Creating a data feed, building a database and producing a range of campaign selections
  • Producing 11 event-triggered campaigns such as new customer welcome, service reminders etc
  • Introducing better customer communication as a part of the service offering leading to better awareness and improved customer retention.
  • Measurement of incremental sales and ROI.

The programme created ROIs of up to 12 : 1 and was launched across the network.