Direct marketing leadership – Travelscope

Direct Marketing leadership in a fast change environment

“Martin was a fantastic marketing director, he had the vision to take the business forward and had a great eye for detail.  If you need to drive your business forward Martin is the person for the job”

Robert Meldrum
Web Developer,Travelscope

Travelscope, then the UK’s largest provider of world-wide escorted tours, had a marketing department in melt-down. The 36-strong marketing team had a 45% churn rate, processes that were poor or non-existent, creative quality was low, costs were spiralling and the team was failing to hit production deadlines, often by months.

Martin was already retained as a direct marketing consultant for Travelscope and was asked to provide leadersip to the marketing department as Interim Marketing Director and given 12 months to use his marketing leadership skills to stabilise the team and improve sales.

The first step was to restructure the team, he added a layer of qualified campaign managers responsible for raising standards and adhering to new processes. This, plus clearly communicated and realistic expectations, reduced staff-churn to 15% in 6 months.

Meanwhile the introduction of a creative director helped dramatically improved the quality of the company’s advertising output of some 500 national and regional ads per week.  New budgeting and cost control processes were combined with a production review and the introduction of new suppliers. Together these reduced print costs by 35%.

The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle was the development and launch of a new web site that helped doubled online traffic and improve web conversion.

Clear leadership drove the developen of a new website which doubled traffic
The new Travelscope website helped double online traffic – just one impact of fresh direct marketing leadership

“An excellent line manager who really supports his team. Also has expansive knowledge of Direct Marketing and marketing in general, which he is only too happy to pass on to colleagues.”

Richard Sharp
Campaign Manager, Travelscope