Bath and Bristol Marketing Network

Bristol and Bath Marketing Network
In 2004 I moved from London to Bath and tried to find out where I could meet fellow professionals; Agencies and Clients to whom I could promote my service and fellow consultants and suppliers with whom I could collaborate. The answer was, more or less, ‘in your office, or theirs, one at a time’.
This seemed pretty inefficient and not much fun, so instead I started Bath and Bristol Marketing Network with a view to getting a few like-minded senior marketers together once a month in the pub.
Things have moved on a bit since then. Today over 6,500 people have signed up to receive the newsletter and joined the group on LinkedIn.  We have monthly events in Bristol and Bath where up to 100 marketers a time come to network, to hear speakers talk about a wide range of relevant subjects and to enjoy one another’s company. We also have a range of sponsors such as Customer Journey Consultancy.

You can visit the Bath & Bristol Marketing Network website to find out about future events, register and catch up on old events with our growing library of previous talks.