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What I do

Clients have retained Martin to perform a wide range of Direct Marketing and Marketing tasks. He has utilised expertise gained from over 20 years hands on experience plus the solid analytical foundation gained through his MBA at the University of Bath Business School.

Key areas of expertise include:

  1. Direct Marketing effectiveness.
  2. Customer loyalty, retention and direct marketing contact strategies
  3. Understanding and improving Customer Journeys.

Direct Marketing Effectiveness

The majority of work I do boils down to one thing; improve the sales coming from marketing spend. As a highly results driven, commercially oriented direct marketer this is a challenge I relish. The solutions are different in each case but some of the most common actions required are these.

Direct Marketing leadership

I have lead, built and structured a large number of marketing teams ranging from 3 to 36 heads.

Sometimes the wrong people are doing the wrong jobs and wholesale restructure is required such as with Travelscope.

Improving direct marketing response

The two most common problems I find are budget being spent on the wrong media mix and poor direct marketing creative driving insufficient response. Improving both of these can be quick and the impact profound.

For RIAS Insurance changing these two elements helped dramatically improve Direct Marketing response; 5% more Home Insurance sales were generated at a 13% lower cost per sale, and 23% more Motor sales at a 10% lower CPS.

Improving online response is another rich area of focus. Be this by understanding and mapping the customer online journey for Halifax or improving online sales for RIAS by understanding the interaction of on and offline activity.

Proposition development

Working out how best to promote a product or service is a question Martin has been asked to resolve in numerous situations. This has included using qualitative and quantitative research, mystery shopping and desk research.

Companies for whom Martin has done this include Experian Automotive, HPI/Norwich Union, RedEye, Priority Mailing, NatWest Insurance Services,

Campaign reporting and analysis

Very little successful Direct Marketing is done without good response and data analysis behind it. For some Companies including British Gas, Gallaher and Weight Watchers (Pan Europe) that was Martin’s primary role but in almost all other circumstances he has used analysis to understand what is most likely to generate the greatest return on investment.

Martin has also been Sales & Marketing Director for a leading web analytics and eCRM provider (RedEye) and has implemented campaign measurement solutions for RIAS, Travelscope, and HPI/Norwich Union.

Customer loyalty, retention and direct marketing contact strategies

Martin has developed direct marketing strategies and contact strategies for a wide range of companies, large and small, B2C & B2B. These have included a direct marketing contact strategy for Nationwide Building Society, contact strategies for I Want One of Those, HPI/Norwich Union, Gallaher and RedEye, a loyalty and a customer cross sales, up sales and retention programme for Unipart.

Key activities which fall in this area include:

Database and CRM development

Understanding data and building user friendly database systems capable of delivering a desired contact strategy lie at the heart of most Direct Marketing. As well as being Sales & Marketing Director for a web analytics and eCRM provider (RedEye) I have implemented CRM solutions and database developments for HPI/Norwich Union, Locate in Scotland, Priority and Travelscope.

Brand development and launch

Developing a new brand or refreshing a brand proposition is often required by businesses looking to improve performance, move into new markets or gain market share. Some projects have been very large, incorporating a range of experts; others have been done with very limited budgets. In all instances I have used all available resources and a variety of brand models to gain maximum insight and to make sure the result resonate with customers, prospects and staff. Clients have included HPI/Norwich union, Priority, NatWest and Travelscope.

Customer Journey Management

Large, multi-channel companies often do not have a sufficiently clear picture of the complex ways people access their products and services, nor where they lose customers along the journey from browse to buy to repeat purchase. Many companies also fail to create customer experiences that are distinct or that reflect the brand values they espouse.

Companies can get to grip with these important areas by;

  1. Customer journey mapping: a quantitative analysis of how customers move between channels and where they drop out.
  2. Develop contact strategies to plug the largest holes in the customer journey (sales funnel).
  3. Understand exactly how a brand’s values can be delivered consistently in different channels.
  4. Use qualitative research to understand what the customer perception and expectations are at key points along their journey (‘moments of truth’).
  5. Devise offerings and communications for those moments of truth that disrupt and exceed customer expectations.

Martin was retained to help Halifax map and transform its customers’ journeys. He looked at how customers moved through their Branch, call centre and web channels.